Generating 3DpolyLine from Pipe network using Dynamo

Dears all,
I hope you all doing very well and safe in this difficult time that we passing through! I am totally new to dynamo for Civil 3D. Now I started to educate myself a bit about how to use Dynamo for Civil 3d. can anyone help me with the following subject! I am looking to use Dynamo to generate a 3dpoly line from the invert elevation of the Pipe network in civil 3D any tips for that! Is there any script for such workflow!?
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Salwan Abbosh

It can be tricky handling the jumps in the structures if you want a continuous polyline but this should get you in the right direction, it’s using the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

PipeNetwork_InvertToPolylines.dyn (81.4 KB)


Hi Paolo,
First thank you so much for your rapid answer and solution! I will experiment with your attached file to check how this will works with me! I believe you mean with the Jumps! If the structure will contains multiple in-out going inverts on different elevation!? Correct! ? If I want to run this script! I have to use (I believe) C3D2020? correct! I can’t use it with a normal Dynamo!
Again thank you so much for your help

It runs only in Dynamo for Civil 3D, it needs a package called Civil 3D Toolkit that you can find in the package manager.

Did anyone get to fix the jumps in the structures. I need a continuous polyline. :frowning:

There is nothing to be fixed. You cannot have a continuous polyline if the structure branches into multiple pipes.

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So I have downloaded and used this script but every time I select the 3d polylines then try and view them in object viewer civil 3d fatal errors. Anyone else running into this issue?

I am trying to create 3dpolylines from the start of pipe to end of pipe. I do not need the jumps but if they are there that is ok. This script seems like what I need but I am having a little trouble. I am able to run this and get linework. There are some extra lines that are not correct but the main concern that I would like to address first is that when I select the polyline the properties list the elevation incorrectly despite the generated linework actually being at the correct elevation. It also lists as a polyline not 3dpolyline though it is actually sloping. I am using C3D2021 if that makes difference. Any ideas on how to update this?

If I EXPLODE the polyline I get lines with the correct properties which totally works. Now to try to not have any extra lines.

First off i like this solution.
The this is in a lot of the pipework design i receive they have curved pipes. Does anyone have an idea how to generate that as 3dpolyline?

At arc pipe network
Using feature line

Please attached drawing example

To try this