2D line - to projected 3D road alignment

I have been attempting to create a road on a topographic map. However, I find the current tools within Revit tedious. I would like to draw a 2D line in a plan view thus creating a path which will be projected along the topographic surface.

Once the projection is created, I would like to select this line as the alignment to extrude a profile and therefor creating a site feature/road.

Looking to past forums and videos on YouTube, I found this helpful video.

My problem is that they work a little quick and I am not that advanced with programming/dynamo.

Does anyone have more information on how I can achieve my goal? Is there an existing scrip which already does this? Is there an easier way than which I have described?

Any and all help is welcome.

You might have to switch up your projection vector depending on where your topography is, but this should get you started.


You will probably need to get the basics first and come back with proposals and specific issues that we can help to solve. You will find tons of resources that can help to get started, such as:
Browsing the forum will also help, since most of the usual issues have already been addressed.


Thanks, Nick. This is a great start, I will see where I can take it.

Yna_Db, these are helpful links.