22 point adaptive component placement

I"m trying to place 22 point adaptive components on a curved element. I’m having trouble grouping the 22 points, using either the sublist or the getitematindex node. I’ve tried doing the same setup with a simple rectangular face where i tried to place a 4 point adaptive component on a surface without using the lunchbox node since at the end I would need to group them anyhow. How do I get to group any amount of nodes in order to place an adaptive component on them?

adaptive.dyn (320.3 KB)

adaptive 22.dyn (20.4 KB)

What error are you getting? Any chance of posting the Revit file?


Here are both Revit files. The curved roof file is a mass family where i want to ad the 22 adaptive point family on. The other file is just a test fule to see if i can at least get a simple 4 point family on a surface. Once I’ve got that correct i could probably used the same script to place larger families with more than 4 points. curved_roof.rfa (560 KB)
adaptive component surface.rfa (756 KB)

To clearify what I’m aiming at. Check out the folowing images. The first images is a 22 point adaptive component family.

That family I want to place it through Dynamo in a massing family. Now it’s placed manually.

Now I’m using the repeater to array the family, but i want Dynamo to complete that task.

Have a look at the List.Transpose node…

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