2023 C3D Pipe Node Test

Could somebody do me a favour and test the following two nodes in Civil 3D 2023?

Civil 3D Toolkit:

These two nodes simply did not work for me in 2023. I raised this issue in the Civil3DToolkit thread, so there is a record for Paolo to follow up on, but he seems to be on leave and I’m concerned this issue may go unnoticed by the larger community. So, I’ve broken this out into it’s own thread to see if I’m the only one experiencing this issue.

Link to the original post below…

The community is aware, so no need to split things out. Paolo is on a much deserved break, but I’ll raise a flag with some colleagues to see where things stand with a 2023 release.

In the meantime please keep bugs and issues in the main thread; the more we spread stuff out the harder it will be for him to catch up, which means more time to get the updates you want! Towards that end I am closing this thread.

As a work-around, the 2022 version works with the same DWG format; Try running your automations there. Not ideal but the lack of this package in 2023 is by no means a blocker.