Custom nodes in Dynamo 2.2

Since the Dynamo 2.2 update a one of our custom nodes will not work, can anyone explain what has changed so I can repair our nodes and scripts?!

Hi @wma_sfenton,

The spaces in the names of inputs and reserved keywords are no longer supported in latest Dynamo 2.X versions.

Replace the inputs with :
and :


But why does this give an error, TExtNote is a reserved text by the looks of it, but when i change it to TextN… it stays red

What would i change this too? I’m worried I get something wrong.

the error shows an example of a valid input string - you have two types (string and var[]..[]) and two : this is not valid.

I don’t think [ and ] are valid name characters - try sticking to alphanumeric strings for names starting with a letter.

I would also advise not using type names exactly as names - so List and Type are bad names as these might collide with valid types.

Will the script work the same no matter whats in “Input”, as long as it dosn’t have spaces and special characters? So I dont need “Type” at all for any reason but for user understanding? “TitleBlock” by its self will not change the functionality of the script?

Letters changing color makes me think there is some functionality going on with the input I need. My limited understanding