1.2.0 Release Candidate available for review

Slightly over 5 weeks from the previous 1.1 release, the team is gearing up for an incremental release (1.2). As we go into the bake period prior to launching it, we hope to get help from everyone of you, our ultimate users, to hunt down those last minute bugs.

Please have a go with the following build, and let us know if you see any problem with it:

Important notes

  • Dynamo 1.2 will be the stable build available for Autodesk University and RTC Europe. People making documentation and datasets might want to brush up their images and validate their workflows.
  • New out-of-the-box Revit functionality, including FaceBased Family creation, Coordinates, Detail Curves, Dimensions, Filled Region, Filters, Location enhancements, Materials, Parameters, Revisions, Rooms, Tag, and Text notes.
  • There are new list management tools built into 1.2 that can greatly simplify many workflows, more information on what’s new will be made available soon, but basically it will radically reduce the need for List.Map and List.Combine in most places. Here’s an example:

DISCLAIMER: We may have tried our very best to test the software, but as with any other pre-release products there will potentially be bugs that we have yet to find. Please refrain from using this in your production environment to avoid disruption arising from data lost.

Thanks a bunch for your time and help, we appreciate it!

– Dynamo team @ Autodesk


Was going to test this on another machine in the office as I typically do with pre-release builds. But this is too exciting to bother with all of that! Downloading now. :sunglasses:

Brief review here :slight_smile:


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Nice write-up, John! Do try out FamilyInstance.ByFace nodes too :wink:

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There’s a bug on ParameterFilterElement.ByRules. Each time I change the Name the node overwrites the old filter with the new one. Perhaps it should be changing the element IDs?

Code Block body is hidden after update 1.2 Dynamo

@abdelgawad, are you sure this node doesn’t have the preview turned off? Right click on node> preview

I have turned the preview on and tried another dynamo file but no way.

@abdelgawad - We were able to see this on one of our dev machines. A few things:

  • Can you please provide some specs about your system (Windows version, other Dynamo versions installed, Revit version)?
  • Which version did you update from? Was it an earlier 1.2 daily build or a release versions (1.1, 1.0)?
  • Also, have you tried rebooting your system? Did the code block node body show up after that?
  • Do you have steps we can use to reproduce?
  • Is this happening on more than one file?
  • Can you please provide us with the file(s) that are broken. Just direct message me.

When I open Dynamo after it was closed " for not responding " , he worked naturally and the code block body appeared again. Thanks for your try to help :smiley:

@abdelgawad - since this is something that we also saw on our machines sporadically, we would like to get to the bottom of it. If you have time, can you please provide a little more insight into your setup? It would be of great help to us as we approach release. See my questions in my last post.

Dynamo 1.2
Revit 2015
it was happening on more than one file, not specific file , for example, file " Obsolete-Nodes_Sine-Surface.dyn " under Code Blocks and DesignScript in this link

Thanks @abdelgawad! Much appreciated.

You are welcome :smiley:

Arc.CenterPoint fails for all inputs if the first input is not an arc. Github issue #7153

Updated link to point to the latest build DynamoInstall1.2.0.20160919T0100.exe :relaxed:


Can we do anything about the obsolete warning dialog box?
When dynamo finds a custom node that has the outdated “turn into list” it locks up and I can’t cancel out of the warning loop.

(See video)

Obsolete File Warning Loops

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