0.9.1 dyn files will not be backward compatible

Hi All,

Just a heads up. In pursuit of a Dynamo 1.0 rollout this winter, we are doing a lot of cleanup of the underlying Dynamo code, which has some impact on backwards compatibility. Primarily, we are changing the names for a number of things deep in the code. This does not affect not node names or anything visible on the surface of the application, but rather pieces of the underlying API. The result is that if you are working in the pre-release builds (0.9.1 versions), most file that you save in 0.9.1 will not run in 0.9.0. This is similar to how a Revit 2015 file will not open in Revit 2014, for example. The expected result is that you will get files from 0.9.1 that look like this in 0.9.0 or before:


Keep in mind, 0.9 and 0.8 files will upgrade FORWARD just fine, but 0.9.1 will not go BACKWARD.


For software developers and others coding their own nodes, you can see the list of these changes here:





Funny you bring this up. My coworker found this out the hard way today. :smiley:

No worries though, I told him what better way to learn than to do it twice, daily build have their risks I suppose!

I also appreciate the drive towards 1.0 how exciting!

Yeah, I lost something I worked hard on. It’ll take a while to rebuild it for sure. Lesson learned. John laughed at me when it happened :frowning:

Just thinking out loud here, but if someone’s really eager to bring a 0.91+ script down to 0.9 and older, wouldn’t it be possible to create a look-up table that stores the new and old namespaces of each affected node, extract the content of the dyn file, and do a find & replace on each node?

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Nice Patrick.

Dimitar- that sounds promising! I’m going to take a whack at it tomorrow. Maybe I can save Patrick some stress


Another small thing that should be pointed out is that Python Script nodes from 0.90 are not backwards compatible with 0.82 and earlier due to the same reason.

@Dimitar - yes it’s possible, if you want to do this you can use the migration framework and zero touch migration xml files.

Does 0.9.1 install side by side with 0.9.0 (giving us the choice when launching from Revit)? Or does it take the place of 0.9.0?

Hey Ben,

0.9.1 will replace 0.9.0, they cannot be side by side.

Boo. That makes it really tough for those of use that build and maintain libraries of Dynamo tools for other users in our office. Basically when one person makes the leap all others must as well (and hope for the best)…

I don’t want to deploy something until I have tested it and ensured all “fixes” are in place for the existing definitions we use. But at the same time I need to maintain use of the current tools and be able to troubleshoot on projects.

In the future if possible when backward compatibility is an issue jumping from one version to another, we should have access to both so that we can run side by side (production and testing) until we can confidently push that which was testing (0.9.1) into production.

What if install of Revit 2016 deleted Revit 2015?

Is there a way to revert back to the 0.9.0 add-in in Revit?


You can uninstall 0.9.1 and reinstall 0.9.0. All the older Dynamo for Revit releases are still available from the downloads page (there is a link to http://dynamobuilds.com/)