Dynamo update, will discontinue previous .dyn files

I just noticed that new Dynamo update is available.
Here is a screenshot of my current Dynamo version (

If I update, will it somehow affect the previous .dyn files?
Or was this an issue only with the switch from Dynamo 1.x to 2.x?

Thank you for the reply.

Few days ago I would have said no… but I am not that sure anymore…

I have got a raising number of errors coming in based on this issue


As with Eric, I have seen some issues associated to .dyf files. Technically the dyns are ok, but if the wheels fall off the car doesn’t run so well.

Thank you, both @erfajo and @JacobSmall
I never created any .dyf files, and seems like the upper linked topic is related with updates from Dynamo 1.x to 2.x? Or did I misunderstand that?

It’s 2.0.x to 2.0.z updates as well. It’s specific to people who make the custom nodes which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Dynamo, so while it may not impact you from a ‘we don’t make our own custom nodes’ it would impact you if you use Orchid and a few other key packages.

It is only updates internally in Dynamo 2.0.x, there is no problems with migration from 1.3.x to 2.0.x… at least not to my knowledge.

But it has as @JacobSmall says a huge impact om my work. I cannot optimize how my package is organized until this issue is solved, unless it will have an impact on the users. Since I didn’t know that before recently, I have moved nodes around and renamed nodes… those 20+ nodes are now a problem for an increasing number of users :-S

Only way for now is to replace these “not found” nodes with a similar node if they want to reuse their graphs.

Thank you again @JacobSmall, @erfajo.
These .dyf files can contain both design script and python custom nodes?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but .dyf file can contain anything a .dyn file can…

I see. So it is essentially a .dyn file saved in a single node, so to say?

That’s one way to think of it, yes.

Review the primer as there are good examples there.

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Thank you for the help Jacob!

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