0,0 coordinate placing views on sheet to the far right

Hi all,

I’ve basically adopted Joseph Peels method of placing views on the sheets. The code works fine to a point but it puts the views miles off to the right.


I don’t know if this is a unit conversion problem or how the view is set-up. I’m using a metric template. Could someone please shed some light on this. Do I need to set-up the views in a particular way first?

Thanks all

Yes its a unit conversion issue. Its in feet so you need…millimeters to feet.

I don’t think it is, because if you think about it, surely it should be higher up the page also if it is a conversion issue.

Have you even tried it? If not try it. I have tried and used his python/code.

@James_Washbourne where is the 0,0 point in your titleblock?


to be honest I don’t know. How would I go about finding that out?


When you create a sheet the titleblock is inserted or placed at 0,0 which is the lower left corner of the titleblock.

Open the titleblock family and then use Dynamo to create a detail line from point 0,0 to point 10,10. The lower left corner of that line is the 0,0 point.

You could also try drawing the line with dynamo from 0,0 to 10,0 in the project environment if you don’t want to mess with the family just yet. If the new line line misses the lower left corner than your titleblock is incorrectly built or incorrectly placed.


It doesn’t really give you that open when you insert. However I did a get.item location on the the titlebock and that came out 0,0. See below.


Sorry what i meant revit automatically placed titleblock to 0,0 (on sheet) or should i say deemed to be its 0,0

Which they are. The question is the data contained in the titleblock may be shifted well to the left in this case. Had a similar issue in my office when someone created their own titleblock by shifting the wrong line to make a new page size.

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I think you could be right maybe his titlblock was not placed in the correct reference point.

Did you create the titleblock yourself or inherited it from someone? Check as Jacob suggested.

how can I get a detail line showing in the family? This is where I am with at the moment.

You’re close. Turns out drawing a line in a titleblock file is harder than I remembered. Faster and easier to just move one that already exists and manually drawing a random line works so…

Draw a line anywhere in the current title block family and use this script to move said line to what should be the lower left corner and upper right corner of the titleblock (the paper extents). The page size should be in the units of the x or y value in the units your file is set to.

The code block contents:

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If just done that and the titleblock was marginally off. Nothing to cause a huge problem. See attached. I put it in the right place but still no joy.

what values did you have for the X and Y? I’ve put in 0.039 for inches

Can you share the rfa and dyn and will check?

A screenshot of the DYN would also help. :slight_smile:

There you both

Plans on Sheets (Ver 1.3.0) WIP.dyn (87.3 KB)
A1.rfa (340 KB)

nothing wrong with your family…
see this simplified dyn…I think something wrong with you original dyn. I cannot use it coz there are missing customised nodes (dyf)…

Plans on Sheets forum reply.dyn (8.0 KB)

let me know

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