Viewport Location not as Expected


I’m trying to set the location of a viewport on a page.

Assuming that the coordinates of the bottom left corner of the sheet are (0,0), I measured the distance to the usable sheet space (above titleblock), which is at (6.8, 42.2).

However when trying to move my viewport to this point it gets to (17, 51), which is close but still a bit off.

Could someone please explain what I’m doing wrong?


Confirm your titleblock is at 0,0 as a first step. At an old office they were all off by a good amount based on the original CAD conversion.

Hi Jacob,

Ah okay. I did think of this but I wasn’t able to find out how to get the coordinates of the sheet, so I assumed it at (0,0). I can move the sheet by the offset difference between my desired and actual distance to get it back to origin, but is there a simpler way to get the sheet coordinates, as I will have to do this for multiple sheets?

Open the titleblock directly and use Dynamo to draw a detail line from 0,0 to 10,10. You can shut the TB for all pages as needed from there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

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