Translate Titleblock to Origin

Hi all,

As I have just discovered today, Revit titleblock/sheets also have the default position of (0,0,0) for its coordinates. I was wondering if there is a quick way to reset the points to origin?

I am currently stuck on how to actually achieve the following two possible methods:

  1. Assign a new origin to each titleblock
  2. Translate the geometry by minus the value as indicated (a,b,0) ----> (a-a, b-b, 0)

Thanks in advance

Managed to work out the second method by translating the geometry.
Still looking for help for the first method

Have you tried Element.SetLocation? Also you may want the TB to be off-center if your TB family isn’t located correctly. A lot of old school TBs have that issue internally.

Hi @Kevin_Shen

That’s the way it should be. What’s your end goal are you trying to fit views in sheets or move title block to fit in views?

Hi Kulkul,

I agree. However as the project has been poorly managed in the past by the previous team, I have started to pick up the issues now including titleblock placed in various positions.
End goal is to translate titleblock back to origin along with the viewports that’s on it.


Hi Jacob,

Element.SetLocation is the one I am after.
Is there a way to set element location to origin coordinate?


Yes. Try to use the origin point as the location…