Help with Excel.Write to File Node

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help me overcome the current problem that I am facing with Excel.Write to File. Basically, what I am trying to do is exporting my raw data from dyanmo to excel file then retrieving these information by using another excel file so i can carry my own calculations and formulas to the current parameters that I am getting from excel. To explain more about these procedures I save all my data from dynamo to file called (23), then after that i open a new excel file called (Calculations). In calculations file I go to data and choose existing connections then i pick my (23) file with the sheet number with my current data which sheet 1. I press on and I get the data but the text parameters that are showing in 23 become empty in Calculations file. Is there any way to overcome this problem i tried same procedure in training course and I was able to retrieve all the data however, I am struggling with this file, I don’t know whats the problem. Calculations.xlsx (83.5 KB)<a class=“attachment”

To Excel Schedule5.dyn (19.9 KB)

23.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Can you change the title of this post please
There is no IF node visible in the graph


Please also either upload you graph in a .dyn file or at least use the camera icon in the top right corner while zoomed in on a single node to capture a picture of your entire graph. :wink:

thank you for your comment i forgot to change the title of the post as it was saved from previous inquiry.

Hi Jonathan,
thank you for your reply I attached all the relevant files so everyone can access them.

What do you mean with "text parameters? I don’t understand what your problem is… sorry

the problem i suppose to export string which is text parameter and non string as numbers from revit through dynamo. however when i export all data to excel all data come through nicely; however, as i demonstrated in the post my problem when i link two excel files together the text cells in excel doesn’t show in the second excel file which called calculations. I tried this exercise on training course but with different project and i was able to retrieve all data but at the moment it seems there sth about my dynamo graph that impacting this process. which is what i am seeking to understand through sharing this info in this forum. I hope you have a better understanding of the problem now

Thanks in advance