How i convert XYZ coordinates from csv file to real coordinates In Dynamo (parse nodes isn't there any more )

String_To_NumberFailed.dyn (15.8 KB)

We cannot see your use of nodes… Please post a picture where nodes are visible…

But you should extract, coordinates separately, turn them from strings to numbers and use point.bycoordinates for creating points in dynamo :slight_smile:

the tut i watched he used 0.7 dynamo and he used parse node i cant find it

They are already strings, but you need to split them by your commas as well, to get a list of X, Y and Z coordinates before you can turn them to numbers

I do not know what you’re referring to… Please make sure to include all information in your post or it is not possible to help you


sorry i just new here still learning .

Don’t believe that exists anymore, you should however split your numbers again and construct your points with them, you will probably need the nodes:

Instead of using tutorials for ancient versions you should use the dynamo primer for learning dynamo… :slight_smile:

iam doing it too but he is a professor in a uni doing amazing stuff with Revit he learned them from zach kron

In any case the knowledge seems to have outlived its usefulness xD

idk what it means :Dd but now i will learn Revit from him and Dynamo from the primer thanks for your times and thanks for your patience on me

The thing is that you doesn’t show links to the resources etc.

We like to see effort from people :slight_smile: and to know if you got through your roadblock.
If a comment solved your issue you’re also asked too mark that comment as the solution to keep the forum tidy :slight_smile: generally there is a great thread about how to create topics on the forum :slight_smile:

Try searching for ‘‘how to get help on the dynamo forum’’ that’ll get you started :slight_smile:

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you can use List.Transpose

@khuvv.hp Like i proposed already? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind there is a difference when a import is made from excel and from .csv files…


Can you upload file?

Dynamo file is already uploaded or u mean Csv ?

Csv file?

You can see the .csv file content in the original post…
and rewrite it if nessesary… (i do not see why)…
newcsv.csv.txt (87 Bytes)
(Simply remove the extension (.txt) as it is not allowed to upload (.csv) files to the forum).

This would be one way of constructing the points…