Writing parameters from lists

Hello there. So, I have a bunch of wires connected to circuits, thus each wire has “Circuits” parameter, something like “1,3,4”. I want to tag those wires showing each circuit separately, so I divide this parameter, take the panel name, combine it and have something like “EL-0-42-LP04-1”, “EL-0-42-LP04-3”, “EL-0-42-LP04-4” and so on. Next I want to record those strings into each wire, so I created separate parameters “Circuit#1”…“Circuit#20” for each wire where I intend to write those strings. The problem I stucked with is I can’t make dynamo record strings into each wire starting from “Circuit#1”. Seems like I don’t fully comprehend how lists work here so I can’t assign them right. Thus asking for your help)
String.dyn (53.9 KB)

your data structure are wrong, thus unable to map the parameters value with parameter with element. If you element has 2 list, your parameter and value should have also 2 list and so on.

Ok, I got it, multiplied list of parameter names for 150 times, thanks :grinning:

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No problem @mironov.boris, mark any as solution as solved to close this topic :slight_smile: