Writing Mullion Mark No


I am interested in writing Mark No of Mullions as the same as the Mark No of the Curtain Wall it is related to.

Mullions [0] should all be A
Mullions [1] should all be B
Mullions [2] should all be C
Mullions [3] should all be C

Any suggestions welcome even if it’s just one sentence :slight_smile:

Use List.Count to get the count of the number of items in the 4 lists of mullions. Then use List.OfRepeatedItem to generate 4 lists of A,B,C that will be of corresponding length. Flatten both lists (Mullion elements and ABCs) and note the the two lists should be the same length now. Feed into Element.SetParameterByName. There is a more simple way to do this using Python or DesignScript, but this method should get you what you need

Just set the lacing of the Element.SetParameterByName node to longest (right click on the node)

Thanks a lot Ben

Thanks too. It Works!!

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