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Hi all

I have a problem writing a list to specific keys in Excel.

The behavior I get is that the full list (4 values) is written to all the rows in excel that I have defined.

In my case, I like to write the first value from list into the first row. Then second value from list into the second row etc.

I tried different List.Map solutions combined with the Write to Excel node without any luck.

/Jesper WallaertWrite to excel 2



Hello Jesper,

I think you’ll only need to give the first row you want to start on, as for the column. It should write the data row by row.


Hi Jostein

The Excel.WriteToFile node can handle when u specify multiple rows. See picture the picture 1

Write to Excel 3




However, when I am adding a list to the data input its writes the full list for every row. Visualized in picture 2 by writing to Columns instead.

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My goal is to control the rows I am writing to and only adding one value from my list to one row from top to bottom.

BTW I am counting the days to become Sweco employee

Hi Jesper,

I think your looking for this:


Hi Kulkul

This is the exact behavior I am looking for:

I think your solution is close but I had no luck converting it.

Write to excel 5


Below is the graph and dynamo file for your reference. Good Luck!