Write to multiple files

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to export lists of a list to different files.
(I saw there are some custom nodes that allow you to write these lists to different worksheets in excel, this is not what I want)
So far, I’ve been able to create many files, but including all the lists.

I would like to have in each file the respective list, in order (1,2 in the first, and 3,4 in the second).

I guess this might be very easy to do in Python script once you know how to save a single file. But after
a long research I haven’t found anything =S.
I also read a lot about creating the node from Visual Studio. If I only knew how to open Data.WriteToCSV (from DynamoCore) in VS, I think I could modify it myself.
I would be very glad if you could provide me some solution or any information about it.

Thanks in advance =)

Hi @Juan.dyn

Did you try changing the lacing to Shortest?
It worked for me.

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It does work! Thanks a lot Amol =)

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You are most welcome. Glad it worked out for you :smile: