Write Excel Room category

Hi all,

I am trying to write to excel room name, number and area but not able to do it. Need guidance.


Thanks John,

I tried as per your guidance i am getting error. Below is snap of the error.



Thanks Lingkon,

I am not able to Add Elements & Parameters to code block. Need Guidance




Just type it

I am getting error. Sorry i am new to dynamo



How to use predefine class in dynamo?


I am getting error Parameters is a class name can’t be used as variable.



The error you showed was at the excel write to file portion. The get multiple parameters node will do what you want. Dumb question: But do you have excel installed?



Thanks John,

But i am already using get multiple parameters node from Rhytm Package you can see above image. Yes i do have excel 2007 Version.



I am not too sure at all. Currently mine writes to excel just fine. Perhaps you can tro on another location for the file or another machine?


Kulkul Kulkul click here to download Write Excel Room category

Thanks John & Md Lingkon for your support. I found something and would to share with you guys about this. I was just thinking why its not working then suddenly i thought about excel. The reason was i use Excel 2007 Version and I think Dynamo doesn’t support older Version of Excel. Then i update my Msoffice to 2013. Then i Run the script guess what this time it works.:-)