Write to a parameter within the Family Editor

I can find some examples of people reading from type parameters within the family editor to then use that data within a dynamo graph, but I can’t find an example of how to write a value to an instance parameter within the family editor.

I found this python example for reading from parameters;

So i’m guessing a python node is what is needed. I don’t have any experience of writing python nodes but am willing to give it a go.

Is this possible and if so can anyone give me some pointers?


Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this query? I didn’t get any responses to this back in July, does this means it’s not possible?


The Orchid package has good nodes for working with families and their parameters. It isn’t available on the package manager so you need to visit the builds section on their GitHub repo to get the installer

Thanks Thomas, this does the job exactly as I wanted. I did have to replace the FamilyType.Current node with a string of the family type name to get it to work though, but that’s not a big deal.