Create family parameter node from Genius Loci

Hi all,
I am using the create family parameter from Genius Loci to create a parameter for a newly created type of a family. However I can’s seem to import the right arguments in the node. I am attaching a pic. Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Hi @giorgosJ3YCR,

Are you in the Family Editor ?
Can you show the whole graph with previews enabled under the nodes ?

Hi Alban_de_Chasteigner,

I am attaching the routine for you to see. I just don’t know what the arguments IN[0->6] actually refer to.


typeFamilyCreation.dyn (46.8 KB)


As stated in the description, this custom node only works in the family editor environment.

Hi Alban thx, I am new in Dynamo. Is there a node for selecting my model type in the family editor ? I can find certain nodes but they work only for the actual model space.

I don’t understand what you’re calling

In a family, the creation of a parameter is common to all family types. However, it can be an instance or type parameter.

Please take a look in those 2 attempts I made and let me know if you can how come the names of the parameters are not recognized in either of the 2 dynamo routines.

typeFamilyCreation_Test.dyn (58.6 KB)

typeFamilyCreation_Test2.dyn (50.7 KB)

I believe the issue is the parameterGroup input. I don’t think that node will allow you to create a built-in parameter. I used Data and it created the parameter. Also, you can only run that script in the family environment.


FYI, you can use FamilyDocument.AddParameter if you are wanting to add a parameter to a family within the project environment.


In the last builds of Revit/Dynamo, there are some nodes to work with family documents.

You can’t mix nodes for Revit project and nodes for family editor.
To duplicate a family type in the family environment, you need the appropriate node.
Ditto for setting a parameter value in the family environment.

As @staylor wrote, the PG_LENGTH group can’t be use to create parameters.

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How could I know when a node refers to family edit or model space?

If I wanted to develop a python script to do that how would I do it ?

Nodes for the family editor mention it in their description.
I advise you to start by properly mastering Dynamo before embarking on the Revit API and the Python language. The Revit API is full of detours and roadblocks.