Write Revit parameter values to Autocad Block

I have a need to read a number of parameters from schedules created for a Revit assembly and write them to the attributes of a block in an AutoCAD drawing (regular AutoCAD not C3D). The block name is always the same and there will only be one instance of the block in the cad file. Each assembly will have its own cad file that will need to be written.
Is there a way to do this with dynamo? I’m really quite new to Dynamo and could use a kick in the right direction.

This should probably work: 1. Read the data from the elements in Revit (Don’t force yourself to the schedule, find the elements, extract the data from them) 2. Write that data to excel/csv 3. use the data link tool in Acad to fill your attribute values.

Search the forum, enough posts about exporting parameter values to excel/csv.

Thank you for your response. It’s a quantity of items that would be more quickly manually entered than going through a workflow that requires somebody to export then go to AutoCAD and deal with the data link tool. The biggest problem with that is that there exists the potential for errors in input. I was hoping for some method to do the entire task with Dynamo. It looked like the package linkdwg2 might have what I am looking for but I can’t find any documentation on how I would go about using that.