Cad to revit workflow

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I’m a relative noob to Dynamo but I have a question. Is it possible to convert an autocad line p&id to elements in Revit? For example, a straight line with a valve block. This block would contain attributes/parameters that I would like to match to the corresponding element in Revit it creates. Is it possible to create a script that imports the line as a pipe and the valve block as a valve with cad attributes to match Revit parameters?

This question and answers can be found in the forum if you use the search button.


Marcel, thank you for you’re swift reply. Its a handy button that search button but believe me I have spent the last two hours searching for an answer. I have found similar topics but not one that takes a cad blocks attributes and converts them to Revit parameters. I’m not looking for a script I want to know is it possible

Dataextraction command will give you access to most of what you would need. You can then read the resulting csv with Dynamo and create the elements in Revit, assigning parameter values as needed.

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Yes, I looked at some similar solutions also. I am currently able to export all this information out of cad and push the information into Revit using a script or diroots. What I want is to get the geometry too.The script at link below caught my eye though, I wonder is it possible to alter it to create valves on the pipelines?