Multiple AutoCAD Blocks to Revit again

it’s my first time programing with Dynamo and i want to import multiple Blocks created in AutoCAD -(image1) into Revit, the coordenates of this blocks are in the notepad (attached file),
i already achieve the import in the x,y,z axis with some errors, but have problems with a node “Element.SetParameterValueByName” to put them in the Revit Model (
Attached image),
after import the points the DWG layer is changed for a Family in Revit, and that is my problem they dont work,because this node anyone have a better solution ? i attached the .dyn file in the link.

Your graph contains rhythm’s version of Element.SetParameterValueByName. I can see on the screenshot, that you already installed rhythm. If you just installed rhythm, just close and reopen the graph, it should find this missing node. I have rhythm version 2020.2.13 installed, and I can’t see your error. If you get this error reopening the graph, try updating the rhythm package.

Hi thanks for your respond the dyn file was a attempt to fix the node with a Rhythm’s node, because the name is very similar, but i dont know how really use it, if you kmow how to use please send me a image, i upload the again the original problem file can you please see again?


Why don’t you use the OOTB SetparameterByName node?

This tutorial will help to modify parameters of Revit elements:

not work, all the hope is gone

Only if you give up.

Try replacing the unresolved node with the out of the box node, and let us know what the warning is.

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