Write Revit file size to Instance parameter



Trying to write my first Dynamo script and very new to Dynamo. I would like to be able to ready some information from my Revit file and report it to instance parameters inside a family.

I am looking to read the file size from the current file, #warnings, and #unused families to create a Dashboard in a view. Not sure exactly how to write this or how Dynamo writes this but I have attached a screen capture of where I started and input would be helpful.



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A good start is doing the tutorial provided with the installation of dynamo (look at the welcome screen under ‘Samples’ or here -> C:\ProgramData\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3\Samples\en-US)
next, try to read this http://dynamoprimer.com/en/ (also avalible at the welcome screen)


You must have a parameter to write the file size to…