Getting Family size from revit

Hi all,
Im trying to filter family based on their sizes, is there way to create a dynamo script that reads the family and get their sizes?

By size I assume you mean file size? What are you trying to do with this info??

Yes, the file size. Im trying to use that information to evaluate my Revit file, in terms of how many family I have that fall into different size categories (small/mid/large).

I suggest you start at the beginning. First you need to collect the families that you are interested in. Then you need to query them for location on a local drive, if they were not saved then you would have to temporarily write such family to a folder somewhere on a drive. Then you can extract file size, or what actually is called its length, since that will give you the file size in bytes which you then have to convert to kB or MB. This is relatively complex task for a Dynamo user, since there is barely any nodes out of the box that can do any of the things that I just mentioned. You will need to pick up some Python or C# skillsā€¦good luck!

Hi @kyin

As suggested by @Konrad_K_Sobon you need to drop all your families in specific location and then use custom node ā€œSprings.FileSizeā€ from @Dimitar_Venkov springs package.


If the revit family files are saved in a folder than the file size can be identified without use of any scipt,

Still is there way to create a dynamo script that reads the family and get their sizes directly from the revit Model?


Apologize as I am a little new to dynamo.
I want to actually execute this command, but I am not understanding where the Spings.File.Size has been obtained from. Would appreciate the guidance.

I have a file with many families and would like to see their size (instead of saving the families from my file to seperate ones).

Thank you!

Springs Package. See package manager.