Write property set value txt in a AUTOCAD element

Hello, i’m wondering if is it possible to write with dynamo , some property set value in an civil3d or autocad drawing, using insertion point, in order to identify measure value and element, such as : Polyline with longitud , hacthwith área.
Thank you!

In a nutshell, yes.

You can use the civil 3D toolkit mtext which has as an input a location (insertion point). You can construct a graph in which the user selects the objects (by type, layer, graphically, etc.) and dynamo read the values from a property set or calculate them using the geometry library and add the value as a text at a point (for example at the center of a closed object or the end of a polyline, etc. etc. or even a user defined point)

So that, you must to read the elements as dynamo geometry in order to Know the final point of the polyline or the centroid of an area?? Or is there a node that alow this information without importing geometry into dynamo graph?
With this information you can input the location input in the node, is it correct?

Thank you!!

bear in mind this is only a suggestion.

I do not know your use cases so for example if you have only a couple of objects you can have the user pick the insertion point (the civil 3D toolkit has a node for this under the selection shelf), but if you have a lot of objects then this will get tedious and complicated so that is why I suggested this.

Normally you will need to bring the objects to dynamo using the object.geometry node and from there you can use tons of elements to determine your insertion point depending on your mind (extents/boundingbox, vertices, start point, end point, point at parameter, etc. etc.). However polylines extensions for example, lets you get the vertices without getting the geometry to dynamo. Have a look at the toolkit autocad section.

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