Workspace generative design- no results generated, blank generations


hello I’m enquiring on some help as I am receiving blank results when using workspace generation. someone has already asked this, but unfortunately I am still running into issues. Below is the image of my results.

I have attempted to trouble shoot this my self with various scenarios, I have also downloaded the Hotfix and used a new project space to find out if the issue was my design.

When accessing the generative design space though dynamo i am presented with a plug in error for “spatial design” there were more errors I accounted but I have successfully installed those plug-ins. Unfortuanly spatial design is still giving out errors as I think it is not successfully installing, so this could potentially the source of my issues but I am not sure.

the strange this about this is that i did have one successful generation attempt at the start of the trouble shooting, before opening up dynamo and doing the hotfix. Really clueless on what the potential issue be.

I would really appreciate any help on this matter

Clueless student

this is my dynamo error however i have already uninstalled and reinstalled the plug in .

This is an image showing my successful attempt in generation however i have not being able to reproduce this since this single attempt.

Likely one of three things, all of which would require the graph itself to confirm so if you post that I can try and take a look later.

  1. You are calling a Revit node of some sort or the Revit API via Python somewhere between the remember node(s) and the gate node(s).
  2. Your inputs can be configured in a way which causes a warning which prevents processing of data, causing a Null to be passed to the outputs (and though the rest of the graph), which is returned as a 0 and if you’re minimizing the result that is optimal so GD is finding that early and never moving past the ‘null’ results.
  3. Your remember node isn’t catching all of the data it needs in order to fully process the graph, perhaps due to how you are entering GD.


thank you for you quick reply and thank you for the help, however unfortunately I do not understand what you require me to post. what is it i need to do to help you out?

The DYN and the RVT. :slight_smile:

If they can’t fit here, use another web host (ie: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive), and leave the link open to all for a reasonable amount of time. :slight_smile:

alight will do thank you

below is this link with my project file and dynamo file. Not sure how much the dynamo file will be of use to you as it is unedited. I have been attempting to generate floor plan from the use of the in revit create “study section” without the use of dyanamo tab.

Thank you

Tomorrow I will attempt to use the dynamo route to see if that will generate any different results.

Yeah - this may be the issue. The graph i received had nothing baked into the file, so i can’t find the right room to review. Leads me to think that the data was cleared form the node, and may not have been re-inserted as you got into new studies. As such you may have never informed Dynamo what it should use for the family, nor which room it should lay the content out in.

Here are the updated files, I’ve attempted to solve this issue however but still stuck. Im kind of at a dead end now.

thank you for helping as much as you have.

Hi @JacobSmall Im having the same issue, DG is not giving any results, I’m using the remember node, also I’m using the 2022 Revit version. Is there a chance that you can look into my graph? I would appreciate it.

I’m rather tied up with a coming trip, but if you post your graph the larger community will help out as we can.