Can someone please help me with this workset creator node, the problem is that is not creating all the Worksets that i have in the list… is creating only the first one.

Thank you.


It looks like it’s actually not doing anything. This begs a question. Is your project actually Workshared? You will not be able to add a workset to a project that is not.

Hi John,

Which revit and dynamo version your using.

Oops​:slight_smile: It looks like konrad i respond at the same time :slight_smile:

Hi Konrad,

the file is a central model, and i have Revit 16 sp2 and dynamo


John, Its working from my side. If it didn’t work try this script Create Worksets


Hi Kulkul,


I am afraid that is not working but it worked with this instead:

Does the watch output seems strange for you??

Capture 2

John, Yes it is strange but you can ignore that as far as it is working for you. Can you try with other Custom node Called “Workset.Create” from " ABT Package".



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It’s not strange if you understood what was happening. What you are getting is a series of Exception messages (ie. Errors) which state that new workset could not be created because one with the specified name already exists. This will happen when you try to run this node in AUTOMATIC mode. You basically ask this node to create a new workset every time your definition executes, and since its worked the first time around, on every subsequent attempt it will throw that exception. Switch to Manual and use this node with a little more intent. Run it once when you need it, and then disable it/delete it.
Does that make sense?

I also agree with Kulkul, use the other node. This one is whack. It was poorly designed to throw an exception, if workset with the same names exists instead of just skipping it. I am just a horrible person and even worse coder.

Hi again,

I used the node that you have recommended, it seems that something is wrong, i don’t get why null is there, i doesn’t look like in your attached picture.

Thank you.







Try this:


Sorry but still not working


Can you put here your excel file.

Thank you! I have recreated the Excel file and works perfectly.

Have a good day.