Workset.create not working on Revit 2014 and Dynamo

I’m trying to use this node to recreate a structure of predefined workset but it seems that nothing is happening.

Hi Cesare, It doesn’t work with Revit 2014 due to Revit API changes. You need to have Revit 2015 R2 or greater than that. Try some other custom node . Good Luck!


Dynamo uses the Revit API and depends on its limitations, too.



It Seems Rudolf and I reply at the same time :).

SO guys, do you think I don’t have any possibility to automatically create worksets with Revit 2014?

I’m not a programmer so I’m not able to use the code :(((


Hi Cesare,

In short not possible in Revit 2014. “Workset.Create” method was added from Revit API 2015 R2 onwards.


Ok :frowning:

I found issues with this as well. It will usually stop working when a new workset name already exists within the project.
I used a Get.workset & SetDifference to pull out a list that only contains Names that are not on the project.
This works perfectly now.

I am using Revit 2015 UR14 Dynamo 0.9