Working Range Warnings

I typically use the Function.Apply node to bury the Geometry working range warnings.


This works fine when running a script from Dynamo or Dynamo Player. However, I would like to run a script via command line using AECCRUNDYNAMOSCRIPT. When running scripts this way, the warning still appears, even when using Function.Apply. Any known workarounds?


@keith.sowinski thanks for pointing this out. I am not aware of a workaround unfortunately. The way I see it is that command was an attempt of having something that resembled Dynamo Player before we had Dynamo Player in Civil 3D, like an experiment. I would not rely too much on it if I were you.

That command is the only way that Iā€™m aware of to hook a script up to a ribbon button. I would prefer to do this for many of my scripts so they are more discoverable and so I can hook an F1 help file to them. Are you aware of another way to meet these requirements?

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@keith.sowinski using that command also ignores element bindings, right? Which I must say is a nice option given the issues with Dynamo Player.

Not sure about the bindings, but good point.

I did some testing with this command and bindings. It appears to work the same as Dynamo Player. The bindings are stored in the DWG, and not in the DYN.

I stand corrected! Thanks for testing.

Does it still give the warning if you wrap it into a custom node?