Wish LIst: Dynamo Player "Play list" using shortcuts to DYN files and folders with DYN files

Wish list item - to allow creating play lists by allowing dynamo to see links to files as links to access or edit files for play lists for projects.

For example I have a bunch of DYN files I use on every project like purge view templates, purge line types, etc, and some that are customized for that project in particular (for renaming families, etc). By dragging in links for the typical routines into the folder with the custom routines for a project I can point anyone to that folder with the play list for one-button implementation with the dynamo player.

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I’m not sure I follow…
You mean like being able to search multiple folders for DYNs in Player like you can DYFs in Dynamo? So you could have a static “standard” library of DYNs and also point to a project specific folder? That would be nice. But like you said, manually copying over the standard files isn’t a terrible workaround.

The LINKS / Shortcuts would be treated as if they were actual DYN files for playing and show for playing in the player. Right now if you have shortcuts to other DYNs they don’t show in the player : )

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Oh you mean actual shortcuts. I gotcha.
I assume the reason you want shortcuts instead of copies is to keep things up to date. You could write a batch script to copy files from your standard folder or - hell - create a dynamo graph to do it for you. :rofl:

But, back to your wish list item, I can see how that would be helpful.

yes - one file to manage is easiest. Multiple files will lead to questions of what is actually most current - i.e. if I have a watc node and I run the graph is updated- even though changes weren’t made- there might be an actual newer node with content updates that would get overwritten or misconstrued as older when it was actually the most current.

Links solve the issue by pointing to one common file.