Dynamo file library: How do you organize?

My question is a simple one: how do you organize your Dynamo files on your server? Are they separated by what Revit category they affect? Type of action? etc.

Right now my .dyn/.dyf files are all in one folder labeled “_Dynamo”. The obvious answer would be to organize all of them by a subfolder. But by what??

The player will allow you to browse for subfolders and all but since mine are not organized as such, I get a very long list. Sure, I can use the search function, but what do I search for exactly?

Maybe that’s a follow-up question, how do you name your Dynamo files? a Prefix, a suffix, etc.??

If you can respond with a snapshot of how your Dynamo library is organized. Maybe you will bring to light something that will help others as Dynamo gets more and more poular for Revit users.


Hi @Jaysyn_Quarry

There is a similar post here…

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