Multiple Folders in Player

My firm is currently organizing scripts into separate folders that contain the DYN file plus families, instructions, etc. As far as I can tell in Dynamo Player you can only point to one folder and that folder must contain the DYN files. It apparently doesn’t read subfolders. Is there any way to get it to read subfolders or ability to show multiple folder locations at once? Perhaps thru an xml configuration file similar to the actual Dynamo tool?

I am not sure if this trick works, but are you familiar with symbolic links?

Put symbolic links in the one folder you look into with the player, and then it might work that you can see the content in several foldes. This trick works with other software, so try to give it a shot

It is important to say that I have not tried this myself with the Dynamo Player :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but mklinks don’t seem to work for network locations.

is that windows network drive linkes? or is it unc links? …or both?

it was also just an idea, would have been cool if it worked :slight_smile:

It’s not as nice but you can actually write a graph that will change your default Dynamo player library path for you. So your main folder would have a single dyn that you’d run and make a selection of available folders to move to. It would reset your settings file to point to the new folder location. You’d just have to have that same dyn file in all your folders so that you can switch back and forth.

Like I said, it’s not very pretty, but it’s an option.

I only tried with UNC links, but the error says it has to be local NTFS volumes.

Is this something you have already created?

I don’t know if I still have it. I just wanted to see if it was possible. All it requires is replacing a directory path in the settings txt with the directory path of the folder you want.

Which settings txt are you referring to? As far as I know, Player doesn’t have one. Unlike Dynamo, which has an xml where you can add multiple package folders.


I think the graph of which @Nick_Boyts speaks is here :

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That’s the one. I didn’t remember that I had posted it before.

I have now been testing if symbolic links worked, and it did without any problems for me… I also tried unc addresses, and that worked also.

Did you by any chance only test linking directories and not files?

I looked into this post --> Revit 2017.1 Dynamo player and that gave me the idea that Dynamo Player only looked for the .dyn extension, so I tried symbolic links on files instead of directories… and that worked!

It will be rather easy to create a cmd file that creates the symbolic links to the files needed.

I will actually start using this method by myself, I have endless many graphs, and it is a nightmare for me that I copy them to another location and forget which I maintain. With symbolic links in the Dynamo Player folder, I ensure that I always edit the right graph :slight_smile:


…and I have just installed this tool to make it easier to create symbolic links.

It takes without any problems a range of files and creates symbolic links in the folder I choose.