WiFi Heat Map on Dynamo

how can we generate wifi colour map in dynamo wifi router family.i have seen some addin

Dynamo WiFi Planner for AutoCAD

but unfortunately i am using 2018 so can’t check how it work .any help would be great.

Well, that tool is Free it seems. Why don’t you just download it and use it, instead of trying to create one yourself?

Ps. I don’t think that the tool you posted a link to, is very good. It calculates the heatmap as if the rate of loss for signal strength was that of an open space with no obstructions. That’s clearly not the case, as even in that example video we can see bunch of interior walls. These would cause a much different loss rates as the signal travels through walls. Use with caution.

hi, i know this is an old post, but i’d like to see if with newer dynamo versions WIFI calcuations are now possible?

I need to be able to do full floor simulations, taking into account wall/floor types, and present the results as a heatmap. Vertical WIFI coverage seems to be missing in many tools (even in Cisco Prime), but i think we could develop something nice to benefit a lot of people - and save purchasing separate tools.

I have full antenna DB readings from the manufacturer, and i think with the right dynamo maps, we could make a great “SMART” wifi simulation tool just modifying existing Revit/Dynamo technologies.

I have been playing with this post, but still couldnt get good results.

if anyone wants to work with me on this tool, id love to hear from you.