Heatmap Based on Locations of a Person on a Floor

Hello guys,

I wanted to create a heat map based on the estimated location of a person on a floor, and the estimated locations are coming from an Excel file.

The problem that I have is that it’s only running the calculations for the first location (point) not based on the estimated locations. I just tested this based on placing one column on the floor, and for sure it cannot work based on the estimated locations of the person.

The files are attached below (Related Files).

I truly appreciate it if you can help me figure it out.

Thanks so much!
Screenshot (149)|690x396Related Files

@M_KHAZEN I’m not an expert when it comes to heatmaps but I think this should point you somewhere. back-heatmap.dyn (67.8 KB)


Thanks so much @AmolShah, you nailed it :ok_hand: All the best.

Hi AmolShah, just out of curiosity, is there any way to bring walls into the Dynamo background or set the heat map colour to the element in the Revit environment? Do you have any advice on that? :roll_eyes:

Thank you.

@M_KHAZEN You can bring wall geometry from Revit into Dynamo using the Element.Geometry node.

Not sure if you can send the heat map to Revit directly.
Please open a new topic with some reference images and someone might help you get a solution for that.

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It’s perfect @AmolShah , thanks a bunch :pray:

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