Surface Color Gradients with known values

Hi, I am tring to simulate signal strengths across a floor plan via Dynamo, and i am getting close, but need to help from you guys to finalise it.

I have (n) wifi access points (currently set up as attractor points) and i need the strongest signal to be a SAME Green color and getting less as the distance radiates away. The “distanceto” works ( i can produce nice colors), but its not accurate. Its a typical WIFI Heatmap i am trying to generate but taking the signal strength loss into account when the signal lgoes through each wall type (wall paramters).

I would be really appreciative if someone could check the DYN Map and let me know where i am going wrong ?

WIFI-Heatmap-Test.dyn (52.6 KB) test-wifi.rvt (2.3 MB)

You weren’t properly feeding values to the Color Range node

WIFI-Heatmap-Test.dyn (42.1 KB)

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Thank you Vikram - especially for the updated map ! helped me a lot. no all i have to do, is to start on parametric values in each wall type to simulate signal strength loss when going through walls / floors - and the vertical (up/down) strength ranges.

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Hi Flyboy70,
have you solved the case with wall parameters? Could you please share the final script?

Hey flyboy70,

have you solved the case with wall parameters? Would be awesome to see that.

hi to everyone - no I am still working on the wall parameter issue - not going 100% to plan, but as soon as I’ve got something to share / help others with, I will post it here. there’s a lot of people that have helped me on this, I will definately share it to help others.

any updates on this topic?

I am Trying to achieve something similar

Hi @sensiblehira ,

Please create a new topic referring to this topic