Surface Color Gradients with known values

Hi, I am tring to simulate signal strengths across a floor plan via Dynamo, and i am getting close, but need to help from you guys to finalise it.

I have (n) wifi access points (currently set up as attractor points) and i need the strongest signal to be a SAME Green color and getting less as the distance radiates away. The “distanceto” works ( i can produce nice colors), but its not accurate. Its a typical WIFI Heatmap i am trying to generate but taking the signal strength loss into account when the signal lgoes through each wall type (wall paramters).

I would be really appreciative if someone could check the DYN Map and let me know where i am going wrong ?

WIFI-Heatmap-Test.dyn (52.6 KB) test-wifi.rvt (2.3 MB)

You weren’t properly feeding values to the Color Range node

WIFI-Heatmap-Test.dyn (42.1 KB)

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Thank you Vikram - especially for the updated map ! helped me a lot. no all i have to do, is to start on parametric values in each wall type to simulate signal strength loss when going through walls / floors - and the vertical (up/down) strength ranges.

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