Why only one item returned

Hi all,

Sorry but i just don’t get why i get only one item instead of more.

I feed 4 items in a == node(lacing longest) compare them with a other list of “is true”.
I am sure that there more then one in the list.
It returns only the last item of the four (1x) as a true value.

What i need is from the input list all the search item as a true value.

What is your Python script output?

I believe you should use crossproduct lacing to compare each of the four “x” inputs against all “y” inputs :slight_smile:

The lacing is part of the issue, but we also need to know the list structure of the python output.

i set only the lacing for == on crossing but i must also List.FilterByBoolmask on crossing that id did wrong

@Nick_Boyts here is the Python script output.

You don’t want FilterByBoolMask on cross-product. I think you want the mask @L3 though. It’s hard to tell if your == booleans match your python output.

If the order of the elements is unimportant you can use List.ContainsItem to see which items in your python output are contained within your “searching” list.

It seems that the Revit drawing that I was testing with has caused the problem! and the List.Containsitem is a much better solution, so thanks.

I continue to test for other drawings, but until now everything works as it should.