Which are the Builtin parameters of Revit 2021?

it seems quite obvious but I tried different package nodes and python scripts and I get a total of 3376 in one and others, the most, 3343 builtin parameters, other gets 3335.

Also I check in the website Revit API and there are 3343. BuiltInParameter Enumeration

but how is possible that I ask for the builtin parameter ID of some?, which all have negative number integer, and the result that is they do not exist in the default builtin parameter list

I think the id property of the InternalDefinition are the IDs listed in the Orchid Node

maybe this help: The Building Coder: Built-in Parameter Name and LabelUtils

revit 2022:
to get the parameters which are different:
set.dyn (11.7 KB)

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Need to understand you’re dealing with very old pieces of the Revit db here, I suspect many of them transcend the concept of accessible Id’s and are hard coded into Revit to the point where the API can’t access them all the same way. I would probably just filter out the parameters without an Id and work with those that do, chances are they will have other property access challenges.

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with Orchid node, there are 3311 unique IDs, with Clockwork there are 3303 unique IDs of builtin parameters, that must be kidding us so much, I want to know why that difference.

I can just assume, that the Orchid Node is using in additional methods to retrieve builtin parameters. Like @GavinCrump said, there are different ways to access the data. Maybe @erfajo can tell you which methods he has used ( But I think you need to ask him on GitHub, because I think he is not active here in the forum)

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The difference is: there are some BuiltInParameters which can’t be used in Dynamo. Clockwork gives them as output, too.

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