Is family parameter built-in

I’m trying to create a script to help me analyze families by writing all the parameters and their properties to an excel file. I have been able to get all information out I need using the Clockwork node “FamilyParameter.Properties” except for whether the parameter is built-in or not. “IsUserModifiable” and “IsReadOnly” output aren’t giving me this information. I’ve been able to get 95% of the way there by comparing the “name” output with the “ParameterNames” output from the Clockwork node “Document.BuiltInParameters” node. However I’m getting a few false positives. I’m getting the parameters Material, Length, and Height as built-in parameters when I know these are family parameters. I think there are built-in parameters that use that same name. Is there another way that I’m missing to get this parameter property?

Revit Dev - Family Extract Parameter Information.dyn (45.5 KB)

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Try using the GUID instead of the parameter name. That should give you more consistent results.

GUID is only gives results for shared parameters. Every other type of parameter returns null. You can see it in the spread sheet two columns over from the name match column circled in red. Sorry I haven’t tried to format the excel yet so it looks like garbage.

You should be able to get the GUID from any parameter. It may be a different method though. You could also try just the Id. I think built-in parameters have negative Ids as well.

Thanks for the response. I already have a list of the built in parameter IDs from the Document.BuiltInParameter node, but I’m having trouble getting the parameters in the family. I’m trying to use Parameter.Id but it wants “Revit.Elements.Parameter” and every get-family-parameter-nodes is giving “Autodesk.Revit.DB.FamilyParameter”.

Warning: Parameter.Id expects argument type(s) (Revit.Elements.Parameter), but was called with (Autodesk.Revit.DB.FamilyParameter).

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try element id instead.

Even I am facing the same problem.Did you got the result you looking for?

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