Whether there is an analogue of Selection.Selection.Elements in Revit 2016?

in Revit 2015 - uidoc.Selection.Elements - is work

but in Revit 2016 removed several methods

whether there is an analogue of this method in Revit 2016?

The method was made obsolete. You’ll need to use uidoc.Selection.GetElementIds() and then convert those ids to elements.

Dimitar thanks.
But unfair that someone decides for us, it has obsolete or not …

if I understand correctly, this method gets the IDs of elements.
how to do a reverse process, Ids elements highlight them in Revit?

Document.GetElement(id) would do the trick to retrieve the element, if you want to highlight something you should pass a list of ElementId to the UIDocument.Selection.SetElementIds(ids)

You should start to read the help on line :slight_smile:



Paolo, thank you