A Survey: BIM, VP & GBRS

Hi for all!
I’m preparing a SURVEY about using BIM and visual programing to automate several tasks related to green building rating system (such as LEED).
I’m planning to post my survey in this forums soon. Thus I want to have an initial idea about the number of people that may respond to this survey. Do you think i can get good respond rate here ???
please react with this post :blush: to show me you’re here :blush:
_This survey will be a part of my PhD thesis.
_Please fill free for any other suggestion that could help. Thanks for your kindness.

Taki Eddine Seghier
PhD candidate in Architecture,
FAB,University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)
81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Mobile: +601117660125

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I just read this but are you already done with your survey?