Where is Generative Design "Explore outcomes" file stored?

I have thosands of generative design outcomes created, and they have to be deleted with a ‘bin’ logo one by one.

I wonder where are they all stored as I don’t want to delete them one by one.

I tried search their name with the software ‘everything’, but these result files don’t contain any words related to the original dynamo file.

Please help! great thanks!

@nate.peters any idea on this?

A ‘select studies to delete’ option might be a good feature.

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Mine are stored here:
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\AEC Generative Design

I didn’t set this folder up as far as I remember so I assume it’s the generic one.

Here store the study files, not the outcome data. But thanks!

At the end, I tried deleting everything inside the ‘log’ folder (next to ‘definition’ and ‘packages’), but the generative design outcomes still showing up. But now they outcomes are not as laggy as before when I click on them.

Therefore, I can use a marco recorder to repeat my deleting action much quicker. Though, it still took a few hours.

So, any better solution is highly appreciated.

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