Where is a good video/article to describe how magical Dynamo really is?

I’ve only been in Dynamo for about a month and it is incredible how much this could change my company’s workflow. I’m trying to explain it to other engineers and higher ups but am having difficulty conveying what it is, what it does, and why we should use it. I’ve been looking for a short video or article to email to people but am not finding anything super useful. Do any of you have something that would describe this (maybe engineering centric)?

Thanks for having such an incredible community here, hopefully I can contribute as I learn more.

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Did you see the tutorial videos on the Learn page?
(May be too serious? :relaxed:)

Maybe a bit too serious. Something broader possibly.

This one then?


Have a look at some of marcello’s classes at AU : always entertaining.
And there was one as a case study on a stadium build comparing current manual method, to a dynamo process. No video, but the PowerPoint can be downloaded which has embedded short videos.

I have some videos on the below link that may help show of some of the capability of dynamo but Marcello’s classes at AU or his blog called simply complex will have other examples.


Simply complex(Marcellos Blog) - http://therevitcomplex.blogspot.co.uk/

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Theres another way.
A contest between a normal user and a user that is allowed to make use of Dynamo. The contest?
Create 600 sheets from an excel drawinglist in the least amount of time, all parameters filled in, no errors. Use an Excel sheet to calculate the return of investment, hours used/money spend, show your boss.



@Marcel_Rijsmus, What by using this excel to revit sheet creator https://twitter.com/brencass86/status/739586342544412676

New version out soon, as i just have to update readme because i have added a UI to it https://twitter.com/brencass86/status/808796750249164800


Thanks, but i know how to do this. Quote @nathaniel.g.macdonal :slight_smile:

@Yna_Db I’ll probably use the beginning of that as a quick overview, the rest seems like a lot of community stuff they won’t necessarily need.

@lordsummerisle, damn those are good. I think I’ll show this one as part of it.

@Brendan_Cassidy, yours will be useful to show specific examples (and I’m going to borrow some!)

@Marcel_Rijsmus, pretty catchy idea. I think I’ll make it part of my sell. Ex. show them the normal pressurization calculation of a clean room. Estimate time it would take to do 100. Then run a script with 100 rooms.

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Depending on your purpose, it could also be worth to show these:

That evacuation plan is a good example for how it can affect other trades other than mine (Mech). Thank you, I appreciate it.

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We can be grateful to these talented authors!

All hail the open source gods!

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