Electrical engineer Dynamo

I am an Electrical Engieer 22 years old using mostly Revit. I am wondering if i should try too learn Dynamo becouse im hearing alot about it. My question: What can you use Dynamo for the electric part? I find it hard to find a good reason too try becouse i feel like the electric is so limited. What can be done much easier and save alot of time with use of dynamo?


My name is Ramoon Bandeira and i started to learn dynamo because i thought that revit electrical was too limited and it needed a boost in productivity.

Answering your question, what i did in dynamo for electrical purposes:
1 - Creating a diagram wich reflects the Panel Schedules
2 - Insert Circuit Breakers automatically
3 - Sizing Wires/Conduits in Revit
4 - Code Checking.

I’m brazilian, so our Electrical Design Standard might be completely different from yours.
However, it will surely help you a lot!



If you use Revit daily like I do you will benefit from using dynamo.
Once you understand Revit enough you will find monotonous tasks that you know the exact process behind, but will still have to go the motions and the clicks to accomplish it. That’s where dynamo can help you. If you can learn a little python with it you can do pretty much anything.

For me biggest thing is duplication and carrying over parameters and elements. Some of my work is cookie cutter type buildings so I do the work once and essentially copy and auto circuit the rest with dynamo. But I use it for other things too.

Mass parameter changing

Removing or creating circuits

copying circuits

Special switching and circuiting lighting patterns that I use

Pulling information from linked projects of electrical data for equipment that might need power into excel

Creating views and sheets automatically with specific settings

and much more.


I am new for dynamo and I am using revit for electrical and Plumbing daily. I heard a lot about dynamo. I would like to ask about any tutorials or videos available for study?

Have a look in this topic:

Also read the dynamo primer :slight_smile:


Thanks .

How did you use it for code checking?

What did you use the panel schedules diagram for?

Would it be possible to Package your DYN files for electrical?


Any example for item 1 or 3

Thank you so much