Where did my script go?

I’m a new user of the dynamo plugin for Revit. After completing some tutorials, I found a need to use it on a real project, which I was able to do successfully yesterday. I thought of some changes I wanted to make to the script today, so I opened the revit file and clicked on the Dynamo plugin…oops, I forgot to save my work yesterday. Interestingly, the script is still working because when I make changes in the Revit model, the expected results produced by the Dynamo script occur. Where is this script stored and how can I load it back into my workspace so I can make changes?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Amoz - That sounds very strange.

Unless dynamo is open, and with a script loaded and running, I really don’t know how it would be possible for dynamo to be affecting changes…

What kind “changes” are you referring to? What was the purpose of the original script?

You can also check the logs to see if a backup was saved: