When copy/paste Archi-lab Node "View.SetFilterOverrides" the input/output changes

Some misteriouse thig happens when I copy and paste the node View.SetFilterOverrides from archi-lab package.

The input and output names change.
May be because they’ve got the same name and Dynamo assumes is one.

That is indeed pretty strange. Let me have a look and I will report back here. Thanks for sharing!

Can you check one thing for me?

What does out of the box View.SetFilterOverrides node look like? It might be the case that they have the same name so that when you copy archi-lab node, the OOTB gets pasted. Is that possible?

Sorry Konrad don’t know what is OOTB.

The only way I can acess the archi-lab node is directly from the library.

Everytime I copy and paste the archi-lab node it changes. In the image above in the left is archi lab, and I just copy and paste it and it changes for the one on the right. I did it several times with the same result.

Archi-Lab_VisibilityOverrides.dyn (66.6 KB)

And I did it again with a learning script. I first run the script and it everithing whent ok.
Then I copy and past the upper node in the image and run the script again and the warning message seams to indicate that it also changes inside.

I upload the script I was working.

OOTB stands for “out of the box”. I mean there is a node in standard Dynamo that was supposed to do the same thing that was added in Dynamo 1.2. Is that the version you are using? Is that the node that is being pasted in?

Yes I’m with Dynamo 1.2. And in the graph I was working I had both nodes in order to compare them.