What is wrong with the forum?

After redesign the page has been behaving weird, takes a lot of effort just to post a query. Anyone facing the same issue?


P.S. This is my n= 11th attempt to post this.I hope it to be successful else n+1

my experience is different …I really like it. It is very fast upload inster image and easy to post and I love fact that can edit post any time and correct my spelling mistakes…

  1. You can’t delete posts.

  2. When editing a post, the layout structure of the original post collapses so text and pictures get all messed up and intertwined.

  3. Instead of having all replies posted in the same overall layer in forum discussions, one should be able to give replies in different hierarchy. In other words, there should be basis for starting a sub-thread upon every reply.
    (see link for illustraion: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/generate-3d-shape-based-on-drawn-planar-flexible-frame-with?xg_source=activity)

I realized that the problem is when I use the Chrome Browser, tried on Internet Explorer and it works smoothly.