Forum frozen on Chrome desktop when Logged in

Dear all,

Using Chrome on my desktop computer I can navigate the posts, scroll, etc, while I’m not logged in. Once I Log in the window appears frozen and no action is allowed.

I’ve deleted cookies but it keeps happening when I’m logged in.

Any of you know what could be happening? Thanks!

I’m writing this post on Chrome for Android.


Do other browsers work? Are you able to authenticate, navigate, and post on the Autodesk community forums?

Hi Jacob, thanks for your reply.

It just happens on this browser. And just on this forum. And it happens even if I’m logged in with any of my two accounts or not. Other Autodesk forums work fine as usual but this específic one is frozen.

After deleting cookies, etc, I can explore the post, scroll down, click on the images… But after that first visit everything become unaccessible.

I’ve never experimented this behaviour on any other website.

Which OS are you on, and which version of the Chrome browser?

I’m on Windows 10 Pro, and Chrome is up to date (V 109.0.5414.75), adBlocker on and off, it doesn’t matter :frowning: I don’t want to give up but this is really annoying.