What is best platform to learn REVIT API wit Python or C#

Hi Guys,

Quick quarry what is the best way to learn and improve the skill towards to python and Revit API. Any suggestions welcome.


And posting here as much as you can :slight_smile:

The building Coder

recently I saw somewhere @Alban_de_Chasteigner joined some kind of Revit API and python teaching platform. Any thougts.

Platform is somewhat irrelevant, the key is learning the platform to some extent before you start learning the API. Python is nice in that it allows faster iteration as there is no need to compile or restart/associate to Revit to test.

If you go with Python, this is quite handy in starting off / learning the basics of the Dynamo integration: Take Dynamo Further 🚀 - Dynamo Python Primer

And this is a good set of examples with comments to help you learn: GitHub - Amoursol/dynamoPython: Python Modules for Dynamo


Hi @_Vijay

From my point of view, it has a lot to do with, what benefits you and what you are looking to do.

Are you looking to enhance your ablilities to create complex solutions, or maybe utilize coding to make complex grafs simpler to look at?
Are you looking to create and distribute nodes or maybe entire packages amongst the community?
Do you eventually find yourself in a position where add-in development is possible and something you want to do?

These, and problably many more, are questions that could help you figure out where to start. And start is a keyword here, becuase it’s also important to note, that one will not exclude the other. On the contrary, if you learn fx. Python first, then learning C# will be easier afterwards, since a lot of the concepts are the same, just with a different syntaxt and in a different environment.

When I started learning Python, the Dynamo related rescources were pretty much none existent. I leaned the basics from codeacademy and YT, and a LOT of looking under the hood of nodes from developers. Even though I’m still a coding rookie, I feel it’s given me a huge advantage, compared to rely OOTB nodes and nodes from developers. And I mean no offence to node developers here. I use costum nodes all the time, and you’re all doing a great job :slight_smile: . I just like/want/need the flexibility to costumize stuff for my own workflows.

It takes a lot of time and effort to begin with, but the trouble is worth it.


this is what I am looking for.
as you suggested I will try my level best.