Online Community Suggestions for Python and the Revit API?

This forum has been invaluable for learning Dynamo. Hands down, this has been THE place for solving issues. Now, I’m looking to learn Python and specifically its use with the Revit API for developing custom add-ins.

My questions is, where would you guys suggest I go for a similar community as this is to Dynamo?

I don’t want to muddy the water here, even though I know a lot of you are well-versed in Python. Is this still a forum you guys use for such topics?


The best place for non-dynamo revit development is probably the revit ADN forum…

Most of this is in C#, but if you’re going to use python, learning how to read C# and convert to python is going to be a very useful skill as most Plugin devs use C# and the revit api docs are geared towards .net. You can also ask python revit api questions there too, if you search python you’ll get a bunch of posts so people are definitely using it for python questions.


Excellent! Thanks so much!

In addition to ADN give the pyRevit docs and forums a look into, as well as the dynamo python primer by Oliver Green.

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